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New Kleemann Supercharger Kits for Mercedes SLS and 63 AMG

Next generation of Supercharger Kits for M156/M159 V8 AMG engine.

Get even more power at lower costs!


As of now HMS-Tuning offer you the new, powerful Supercharger Kits by Mercedes Tuning Specialist Kleemann from Denmark. For more than two decades Kleemann has manufactured supercharger tuning kits exclusively for Mercedes-Benz engines. Today, intensive research and development as well as the use of cutting-edge technology has turned Kleemann into one of the world’s leading manufacturer of supercharger tuning solutions for Mercedes-Benz cars.

New for 2013 is the introduction of 2 revolutionary all-new supercharger systems designed specially for the normally aspirated M156 6.2 liter V8 engine in the early Mercedes-Benz 63 AMG cars and also for the M159 6.2 liter V8 engine in the SLS AMG. 

HMS-Tuning offer sales, installation, German TÜV approval, Support and Service for this high quality Kleemann Supercharger Kits.

The compact and stylish construction of the supercharger unit for the M156 engine fits nicely onto any normal aspirated 63 AMG car, and delivers up to 680 hp and 850 Nm.

The supercharger kit for the M159 engine in the SLS AMG delivers even more power and also a raw design for the engine compartment and raises power up to 740 HP and 860 Nm.

More power is possible by use of additional tuning components like HMS-Tuning performance headers, down pipes, race catalytic and valve exhaust system.  

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The M156 / M159 V8 AMG Supercharger Kits


Machined from billet aluminum, each part from the smallest pulley to the largest plenum chamber is master-crafted on state of the art CNC machines to ensure the highest quality, fitment and finish, second to none. Keeping with motorsport tradition, all joining parts of the inlet system, manifold and intercooler employ captive O-rings rather than gaskets and sealants for consistent sealing and maximum reliability. Every finished unit is hand-inspected, pressure tested (both the manifold and the intercooler) and scrutinized for quality before it’s allowed to leave the production line for final packaging.

Kleemann have chosen the Magnuson TVS2300 positive displacement supercharger for numerous reasons. Magnuson is an OEM supplier to many automotive manufacturers which means all of their superchargers are held to very high quality standards and endure thousands of hours of bench and real world testing prior to product release. Unlike screw-type superchargers, which compress air internally, leading to an increase in both discharge temperatures and parasitic drive loss, the TVS2300 maintains consistently low discharge temperatures and drive losses across its entire operating range. Magnuson superchargers are internally oiled using synthetic lubricants designed for long service life. The Kleemann supercharger kit for the M156 and M156 Mercedes-Benz AMG engines employs a large internal supercharger bypass valve to reduce parasitic drive load, keep throttle inlet temperatures low and increase fuel efficiency.

Kleemann pioneered the integration of intercooler cores within the intake manifold in the M112 and M113 supercharger kits and has continued this superior design tradition with the M156 and M159 supercharger system. The bar and plate style intercooler core is integrated into the intake plenum chamber and an electronic water pump circulates the coolant through an independent radiator mounted behind the lower front grille and an overflow reservoir is installed to both increase intercooler capacity and simplify the bleeding procedure. These design features ensure consistently low intake temperatures and the intercooler system has been tested to maintain extremely efficient operation over 800 HP.

Kleemann has designed a unique drive system for the utmost reliability. Included with their supercharger system is a dual-plane crankshaft pulley which is CNC machined from billet aircraft quality aluminum. All engine accessories maintain their single, 6-rib drive belt and factory rotational speeds while the supercharger gets its own, independent 8-rib drive plane for maximum reliability and power transmission. This drive system integrates its own idler pulleys and a zero maintenance dynamic belt tensioner.

The key to efficient and reliable operation lies in advanced engine management control, and the M156/M159 supercharger system integrates the factory ME9.7 engine management system using extensively developed and tested proprietary software.  Each individual cylinder is mapped for optimal ignition timing and fuel delivery. Low boost pressure together with precisely mapped ignition timing ensures low engine temperatures, high efficiency and a high level of reliability. The factory drive by wire system is mapped to ensure factory drivability, smoothness and a broad, flat torque curve. Through advanced software mapping, Kleemann has the ability to fully integrate all of the factory driveline protection features, such as torque management for gearbox/driveline reliability, detonation protection using the factory knock sensor system and safeguards against excessive inlet temperatures.  Kleemann’s expert knowledge of engine management software ensures safe, smooth and reliable operation across all engine speeds and ambient conditions.

The supercharger develops 0.4 bar in boost pressure, resulting in a power increase from 155-255 hp and 220-310 nm depending on the engine type and additional tuning components like exhaust headers, flow optimized cylinder heads etc.
The Kleemann supercharger system for AMG 63 cars and the SLS AMG has been tested and verified safe with all AMG variants of the 7G-Tronic 7-speed automatic transmission, including the MCT 7G.